Medical Marijuana Card Information

How to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card

Step 1: Download Application

The first item needed to apply for a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card is to download the Application for Registry Identification Card.

When you have the application, you will need to schedule an appointment to see a licensed, practicing doctor in the state of Michigan to see if you have a condition that qualifies you for treatment with medical marijuana.

The last page of the application is the Physician Recommendation Form. This form needs to be completed and signed by the doctor recommending medical marijuana as a treatment.

Step 2 - Complete Application

After the doctor has filled out the Physician Recommendation Form. It is now time for you (the patient) to gather the documents needed to be copied and sent in with your application. They are as follows:

  •  Valid Michigan Driver's License, or a
  •  Signed Michigan voter registration card, or a
  •  Valid Michigan ID Card

Make sure that a copy of one of the above ID's is legible. Include the copy in the packet to be mailed to the state for approval.

In addition to the proof of residency, all completed applications must include:

      • $40 patient application fee - Made out in form of a check or money order to    State of Michigan - MMMP 

Step 3 - Submit the application

Once you and your doctor have filled out the application completely. As well as copy of residency and check or money order in an envelop with stamp send to the following address:

Michigan Medical Marijuana Program
P.O. Box 30083
Lansing, MI 48909

If your application was submitted completely and correctly, Michigan will notify you within 15 business days whether it was accepted or rejected.